Solar heating consultation

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We offer a solar heating consultation for component parts within glycol heating systems. These should be checked at least once a year. With a fluid change every 2 years to stop stratification. This is to make sure that your system is working effectively and efficiently. A visual check for leaks or pressure drops should indicate any possible problems.

As your collectors heat the glycol fluid, this is then passed through high temperature pipe work back to your pumping station.

This pump is governed by controllers that regulate the temperature via two sensors. One on
the roof inserted into the collector/s and the other usually inserted into the cylinder/tank. This then provides information linked to the pump station, that provides start and stop signals according to the programmable controller. 5 percent differentials between collectors and the cylinder sensors activate or stop the circulation of glycol fluid.

Systems should operate without pressure drops to encourage the best performance possible. Air bubbles in the system or glycol fluids should not be contaminated. These will alter the dynamics of any system creating overheating and possible discharging of fluid through the valves, creating an unstable heating system leaks will then become visible until rectified.

Do not attempt to remedy any faults without knowledge of the system as the glycol fluids can reach temperatures of 220c in the summer, therefore this is a dangerous situation to avoid if not qualified. If in doubt contact us, we have the tools and the knowledge to remedy any problems.

We are always happy to consult with our customers a design or modification to their system via email to establish the best possible solution to their request.

We offer a quick answer to your question. If you require us to spend an amount of time on this investigation, please advise.