Solar home storage batteries

From: £45.00 (Exc. VAT) - £54.00 - Inc. Vat

These batteries are currently only available on back order, make sure you take this into account.



We offer a complete range of batteries used for storage related to solar panels.

These can be retro fitted to existing PV panel installations or used for new projects.

Let us know how we can assist with low voltage or high voltage home storage batteries or without BMS.

RESU LG Chem lithium battery
Enjoy 3.3kwh, 6.5kwh, 10kwh and 13kwh battery storage safely using the RESU LG Chem lithium system
Pylon stackable lithium home storage batteries
Pylon 2.4kwh, 3.5kwh & 4.8kwh compact lithium battery home storage systems


You may or may not require other equipment parts to deliver energy into the battery. Contact us to make sure you select the correct equipment.

Self consumption battery storage kit for new 4kw solar panel systems
Growatt battery self consumption pack for new 4kw installations