Solar Hot Water kits

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Solar hot water kits

We can provide you with hot water systems designed for a family home.

This offers complete solar thermal systems ready to fit onto the roof structure of any tiled house. Each kit will contain equipment parts enabling connection to an existing domestic hot water cylinder or if required please contact us for the latest thermal stores.

Included in the package are flat plate collectors, roof fixing kits to match your tiles, flexible stainless steel tube and connections for both ends. The pumping station included is with built in controller and safety equipment. Complete and
ready for assembly.

All prices for solar hot water systems are available through this page link

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1/2″ Spring loaded non return valve

3/4″ Spring loaded non return valve

DN12 corrugated solar tube

DN16 corrugated solar tube

Expansion vessel valve kit + bracket

Solar thermal auto air vent

Solar thermal expansion vessel

Solar thermal fluid pump station

Solar heating controller

Solar hot water kits

Solar lead slate

Solar motorized 2 port valve

Solar motorized 3 port valve

Solar non return valve

Solar pressure relief valve

Solar sensor cable BLACK

Solar sensor cable GREY

Solar flexible tube clip

Solar LED temperature display

Solar fluid Y strainer 22mm

Solar Y strainer 3/4″ BSP