Solar hot water systems

From: £2,126.75 (Exc. VAT) - £2,552.10 - Inc. Vat



Dragons Breath are please to offer a range of solar hot water systems for on roof applications.

Solar Heating Spares

Slate and Pantile kits available for on roof design or in roof solar hot water systems (available in premium and budget options) check drop down menu

  • 1 panel on roof pantile/slate/in roof kits
  • 2 panel on roof pantile/slate/in roof kits
  • 3 panel on roof pantile/slate/in roof kits

Evacuated tube solar hot water system on roof kits for slate or plain tiled roofs

  • 1 panel on roof kits
  • 2 panel on roof kits
  • 3 panel on roof kits

All solar hot water systems contain:

  • Collectors flat plate or evacuated tube systems
  • Fixing kit to suit
  • Twin tube stainless steel flexible tubes in 10m standard lengths DN16 Solar Flexible Tube
  • 15 or 25mtr flexible tube lengths are available upon request
  • Pump stationSolar Fluid Pump StationSolar Sensor Cable Black
  • Solar controllerSolar heating controller
  • Expansion vessel + fixing kitSolar Expansion Vessel 18ltrexpansion vessel valve kit
  • Solar fluidSolar Fluid 10ltr
  • Discharge container
  • Solar tube mounting brackets  Solar tube clamp
  • All fixings and fixtures required to complete installation DN16 Solar tube fittings
  • On roof flashing kit for tube entry Solar Lead Slate
  • High temperature insulation material
  • Low level auto air vent Solar Auto Air Vent


Evacuated tube dimensions

1.25 m2 kit

885 x 2241 x 150mm

10 tube area 1.98 m2

1.51 m2 kit

1053 x 2241 x 150mm

12 tube area 1.98 m2

3.03 m2 kit

2061 x 2241 x 150mm

24 tube area 1.98 m2