Solar lamp post

From: £6.50 (Exc. VAT) - £7.80 - Inc. Vat



We offer our standard solar lamp post to hold solar street lighting equipment in a trustworthy position.

This post is easily transformed into a solar street light by affixing any of our DBS range and associated equipment parts required to match your needs.
Post are available in the following sizes:
  • 60mm diameter
  • 76mm diameter
  • 89mm diameter
  • 100mm diameter
  • 114mm diameter

These sizes are in standard lengths of 5m. If you require different specifications, then please contact our sales desk by return.

We offer base plate supports in 76mm or 89mm diameters to help cementing posts upright and vertical. The base plate clamps around circumference of post, prior to the cement being poured into 850mm deep hole.

This also helps the posts from being moved by having the multiplied weight of cement being pushed down on base plate as a permanent fixture:

Post caps in 60, 76, 89, 100, or 114mm diameter posts:

Anti climb spike in 60, 76, 89, 100 or 114mm diameter posts:

If you require a post reducing socket, please click onto this picture.