Solar LED lighting

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When a high luminosity LED Street light is required you must insist on the best qualityΒ chip sets to drive the solar LED lighting lanterns. DBS offer only the very best options to provide the Lumen/m required. Luminosity is determined by measuring the amount of givenΒ lighting per watt over a given surface area. Our products provide a high performance luminosity.

DBS 1210 PDF:Β  Commercial grade solar street light system using lithium battery

DBS 1210 industrial solar lighting system
Ideal for commercial business car parks

This flux capacity provides more light per watt of energy.
Dragons Breath LED lighting products provide greater scope allowing our customers to make a choice to
illuminate large commercial car parks and other areas where lighting after dark is required to security and safety reasons.


This kit needs solar lighting posts that are either 100mm diameter posts


114mm diameter post c/w 114mm – 100mm reducing socket

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