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We offer a brand new solar light with camera, a solar powered product complete with built in 1,000,000 mega pixel Wi-Fi connected cameras. This enables you to see anyone who sets off the PIR system, which is built into the high powered street lighting system.

Can be used in areas where security issues are paramount, solar powered battery storage for instant transition direct to device or SD card. Provides up to 3,000 lumens of light to record anyone who triggers the sensitive PIR fixed within the light itself for safety.

DBS 168c PDF: DBS168 DRAGONS BREATH solar camera lighting system

Part of our DBS Range of Solar Lights, the Dragons Breath Solar 168 single directional camera lighting system is designed to pick up via PIR pedestrian movement in places where mains power is not available. This simple to fix lighting system can be connected to new or existing columns of 3.5-5m above ground. The LED lighting unit then can be positioned to suit locational needs. The fixing is a permanent fixture using stainless steel mechanical nuts and bolts. The solar panel needs to be mounted in its pedestal to face south. The LED then faces north, with the camera able to be orientated to the desired orientation.
We provide this DBS168 solar powered lighting system in three sizes with 4500k @ 2000-3000 lumens. The unit is an all in one type manufactured from aluminum and tested to IP65. This system is exceptionally durable to the optimum lumen performance, this can be measured against locations up and down the country.
Using high performance Bridgelux LED chip sets are powered by a li-ion (LiFePo4) battery pack to provide 2-3 days autonomy. The electronic controller deliver power to the LED’s using photocell technology to detect pedestrian movement. Providing optimum performance using large sized solar panel for storage of power from dusk @ 30%. The sensor within the solar light with camera unit will detect pedestrian movement and switch on the camera every time the sensor is triggered to power LED and video for 1 minute onto SD card.

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