Solar Panel rails


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K2 rail 3.25m Lengths

New ultra light solar panel roof rails enable
less-waste reducing cutting time. These ideal lengths will hold up to 3 full
size landscape oriented solar panels sided by side. If a larger span is
required it is possible to use our K2 rail joiners to extend the lengths very

Made in 3.25m
Each length will
fit exactly 3 standard panels.
Lighter and less waste, ultra light rails.

Available for
immediate dispatch.
offer these in any rail quantities. They are dispatched in easily manageable courier bundles, if larger amounts are required please ask.

Material: Aluminium EN AW-6063 T66.

Other sizes of K2 solar rails available. K2 new rail lengths

2.1m Ideal on roof 2 panel installations or can be used for vertical mountingLength 2.10m
3.25m (3 x panel length standard size)Length 3.25m
4.3m (4 x panel rail length large span PV roof fixing)Length 4.30m

Solar Panel Rail 3.25m standard PV roof fixing

3m solar panel rails