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Solar parking lot light for cars and pedestrian safety in any situation. This is a fully automated design; with the product being maintenance free. By using this smart design,  these solar powered lights can be programed to work at any location in the UK. They can be attached to new or existing posts in retro fashion from 76-100mm in diameter.

Dragons Breath Solar can provide these to operate via a PIR system which provides light only when required. Alternatively, you may want lighting that only operates at full power for segmented times, during evening or early morning. We offer products assembled to match any specification protecting every aspect of illumination of car parks. Ask for full details.

DBS 1201 bespoke solar car park lighting system PDF: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 1201 bespoke multi-directional solar lighting system

The Dragons Breath Solar 1201 multi-directional car park lighting system has been designed for locations where power is not readily available. This is driven by the power from the suns orbit across the sky each day. The solar panel and light arm are separate, allowing the LED light unit to be positioned in the direction needed. This then allows the installer to rotate the solar panel/battery box to the correct position, due south. These can be installed onto new or existing suitable columns.

We provide this DBS120180 multi-directional solar powered lighting system in two formats. Each of these will use the 12w LED light unit @ 145Lw/m, giving a nice warn color of 3500k @ 1740 lumens. This has been designed to be mechanically fixed quickly and effectively. The battery/solar panel box is manufactured from powder coated steel. Reflecting the optimum lumen performance using the improved controller unit, this can be set to only operate when needed or at times selected within the controller’s memory. Measured to work in locations up and down the country.

Using high performance European produced LED chip sets are powered by a li-ion (LiFePo4) or AGM P.b style batteries, this system can be set to operate and provide between 2-5 days autonomy. When the PIR unit detects pedestrian or vehicular movement, it allows the superior light to stay on for 5-minute segments. Allowing enough time for many to reach and open cars safely.

Car park solar lighting
Dragons Breath Solar bespoke car park lighting system

The bespoke light units should be affixed at 4-5m above ground and between 12-15m apart allowing the solar panel to point near to south as possible.

LED’s sizes: 12w

NOTE! These kits can be ordered with or without columns.

Small bespoke solar powered lights data sheet: One piece lighting price list September 2020

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