Solar Street Lighting 40w


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40w LED solar pathway lighting system
These systems are completely self-contained with in situ li-ion battery enclosure.
Assembled and tested in factory prior to dispatch. These create illumination for larger dark areas where LED lighting is required. This system can clamp to existing suitable lamp poles or new footpath lighting installations.

Solar lighting for areas without grid connection, this compact lighting system is designed to connect onto existing steel or aluminium columns of a suitable material specification. They will illuminate via a PIR sensor when adequate irradiance has been stored into the lithium-ion battery pack.
Small lithium ion solar powered IP65 one piece lighting system

This Dragons Breath Solar one-piece lighting system ref: DBS155 is a single directional unit that is lithium battery controlled. We offer this for locations that do not require a large lighting system and will not have a large footfall of pedestrians This is designed to affix to posts or bulkhead with appropriate hardware.  Once switched on using just one button, the solar panel will generate electricity and power the batteries for use later after dark. Fitting will take 20 minutes to complete, the LED lighting unit can then position to suit locational needs. Although it is best if the solar panel is mounted to point south. The LED then faces north. We provide this DBS155 solar powered lighting system with 4000-5000k @ 680 lumens. This type of light unit is classed as a one piece manufactured from aluminum and tested to IP65. This system designed to provide optimum output measured against locations up and down the country.  Using high performance Bridgelux LED chip sets are powered by a li-ion (LiFePo4) battery pack to provide autonomy depending on location. Electronic controllers deliver power to the LED’s using photocell technology to detect pedestrian movement. The solar pathway lighting system provides 10 illumination options: See DBS155 for full details.

DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR DBS155 small one piece solar lighting system

Click here to download – Dragons Breath Retro Street Light installation instructions
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