Solar powered LED lighting

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8, 10, 12 & 15w UK designed classic solar powered LED lighting system, is manufactured using high quality LED solar powered performance lighting systems and part of our exclusive DBS Solar Street Lighting range. Provide an easy way to illuminate areas where power supplies are either prohibited or inaccessible. This classic design provides our customers with the ability to secure lighting equipment to columns and structural posts for areas where health and safety is paramount. Batteries are very deep cycle lithium-based cells, providing 3-5 days autonomy. Manufacturers of this 8-15w high performance LED classic solar lighting system provide a clear skies initiative, therefore they will not create light pollution. So, can be used in areas where a clear sky initiative zero light pollution objective is needed.

DBS 167 PDF: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR 167C solar lighting system

We provide this DBS167C classic solar powered lighting in two distinct sizes with 5000-6000k luminescence. The fixing has been designed to be mechanically fixed quickly and effectively in under 30 minutes. The solar panel and led lighting units are enclosed within the same all aluminum anti corrosion unit tested to IP65. We set these up to reflect the optimum lumen performance can be measured against locations up and down the country.

Each lighting system has been manufactured to reflect the maximum efficiency available using high performance Bridgelux LED chip sets. Within the housing we incorporate li-ion (LiFePo4) battery pack to provide 3-5 days built in autonomy. Our electronic controllers deliver power to the LED’s using photocell technology to detect pedestrian movement. Providing background illumination from dusk @ 30%. The sensor within the light unit will detect pedestrian or vehicular movement, this will then trigger the controller to power 100% for 1 minute or until outside of sensor ranges of 10m.

The light units should be affixed allowing the solar panel to point south as closely as possible. This system has an arm that is hinged to balance the weight correctly. The solar panel should always point south to pick up the maximum solar gain following the Sun’s azimuth each day.

  • DBS167C Li lamp post fixing @ 1800-2200lm
  • Clamp onto 76-89mm diameter
  • IP67 rated
  • Solar panel monocrystalline
  • LiFePo4 battery
  • Weight 20kg
  • Size 1120 x 490 x 230mm
  • >5000k
  • Recommended height 4-5m
  • Warranty 3 years