Solar Speed Rail

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Solar speed rail lengths

K2 part numbers P1003933 provides a quick retro fit of solar modules onto a box profiled trapezoid roof.

Using a secure method you can reduce the installation times by many hours.

Speed rail lengths via TNT delivery service, 2.25m, 3.3m and the 4.4m lengths in large quantities only.

If you are thinking of small quantities of 4m or 3m rails. Then it is far easier to ship the 2m lengths. We will add the rail joiners free of charge. 3m rails are best in 8 length bundles, with the 4.4m lengths they take up 4 pallet spaces. So cost wise it would be more economical to use 2.2m rails.

Note! Small quantities of the 4.4mtr solar speed rail lengths. Under 60 lengths. We will be sending 2.2mtr lengths in their place. 4.4mtrs traveling through the courier network are often damaged bent. Therefore we have had to make this decision based on this reason.