Solar street light head

From: £650.00 (Exc. VAT) - £780.00 - Inc. Vat



DBS solar street light head. This is complete LED with battery and control system ready to use.

  • Option 1. Lithium battery powered for long life. This is our factory set solar street light, that is available in 25% background illumination until pedestrians activate sensor. We can set this to provide 5-15w capacity.
  • Option 2. Set in off mode with zero light pollution until required. This is a sensor activated lighting system that will for 1 minute or until pedestrians are outside of sensor range illuminate large areas. We can set this to run from 5-30w LED capacity
  • Option 3. Set to run from dusk for 5 hours @ 5-10w capacity. Then switch off for 5 hours, light then becomes reactivated when 2 hours before sun rise.
  • All products are weather dependent
Solar street light head units are designed for areas that do not have mains power available. This unit is complete ready to run, just requires 1 x suitable solar panel to charge battery. See details below to enable building own system.
Our solar street light head product can be built to match your needs:

This way you can build you own solar street light design.