Solar Street Light Posts

From: £135.00 (Exc. VAT) - £162.00 - Inc. Vat



Solar street light posts. Dragons Breath provide posts that are a permanent mounting structure for our LED solar powered street
lights and associated components. These structural steel poles can be root sunk into suitable surveyed soil then concreted into place permanently. 
Lamp post/columns or poles are manufactured in lengths of 3-6m to suit many individual requirements.

The complete rang of Solar street light posts are as follows:

  • 60mm diameter lengths between 3-5m
  • 76mm diameter lengths between 3-5m
  • 89mm diameter lengths between 5-7m
  • 100mm diameter lengths between 5-7m
  • 114mm diameter lengths between 5-7m

We also offer special designs shapes and many different methods of construction to accommodate our solar lighting systems for illumination of roads and walkways through to signs and large billboard illumination purposes.

Our aim to offer you specifications and prices based on your requirements, please advice details of your needs. We can then provide you the correct information by return…