Solar street lighting system

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This solar street lighting system can be applied to almost any location on earth. The solar panel is mounted vertically at any height above ground level to attract the maximum irradiance available at any location. The led light unit can be position below or above the solar panel to suit localized applications.

This can be affixed at any height using our equipment to new or existing lamp posts, without the need for wind loading calculations. This picture above is for example purposes only. Minimum height 3.5m to maximum of 5m above ground level for best results.

It is designed for a quick and simple installation process. Dragons Breath Solar have designed and produced this and have patent pending. Therefore it is the only one of its kind in the World.

We offer this solar street lighting system as a plug and play system that will not require any maintenance during its lifetime of 12 + years.

The led luminary is powered by the highly efficient solar panel to illuminate car parks – walkways – minor roads – marinas – play and recitational areas – foot path signs and many more applications where power is not readily available.

Contact us for full details. This is designed to provide a permanent mechanical installation in under 30 minutes.

This is an ideal solution for locations where existing street lights are redundant or decommissioned due to cable damage underground.

See data sheet: DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR Retro fix solar lighting system

This kit is complete with all materials required for self installation process.

Once you know the existing lamp post size (diameter you intend to connect this system). You can click to make purchase in the link above.

If you require a new post we offer this in the link above as required.