Solar Street Lighting

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High performance solar street lighting permanent LED illumination systems, for minor roads, car parking, walkway and play areas.

The DBS range of solar streetlamp light systems offers a unique opportunity to protect your route along any walkways. Our solar powered lamp posts can be used in hundreds of different locations and situations. We have a luminary that works from 3w small cabin or shelter type through to larger commercial highway standards.

We supply lamps that have the looks and style that will fit into any class of installation. These can be supplied in standard battery format lithium ion style batteries, pre-set for instant use or Bluetooth programmable solar powered lighting systems. Any of our products can provide the flexibility required to self-manage the times and brightness of the luminescence.

We are pleased to now offer our unique top of 76mm, 89mm, 101mm and 114mm column, permanent solar powered lighting. This discrete one-piece fixed position streetlight in standard and extra format.

Solar street lighting

Sun powered designs deliver solar street lighting to locations where dark areas are a problem. Our batteries are powered by the Suns energy, there they do not require outside connections from mains power to deliver power into the li-ion or P.b battery packs. These are available in standard versions and deluxe prestige systems for longer life spans. The complete system is managed via our on-board electronic control system, which offers an operational start time from dusk and a stop time to match the requirements of individual locations. Motion sensors activate the unit and thus make them self-contained and maintenance free. It is controlled to deliver light when needed from dusk. A solar panel produces 12v electrical power when the available sun light at location can shine adequately onto the solar panel surface.

See our complete range of solar street lighting systems in the links below. Click on picture to go to page, click on PDF for further information regarding this range of DBS products:

All new vandal resistant DBS805

DBS805 solar street light

Build your own solar street light system

Dusk until dawn or Off until required or On for 5 hours then switch off until 2 hours before sun rise

DBS batten lighting system this is a pre assembled IP67 light suited to many locations

Available with or without solar panel and fixing kit


DBS 155  PDF this is a pre assembled small solar path light LED 680-1020lm


DBS 161  PDF this is a pre assembled retro fit range (clamp on 76-89mm posts) LED 960-1600lm


DBS 165  PDF  Pre assembled multi-directional light (clamp on 76-89mm posts) LED 1300-1700lm


DBS 167  PDF this is a pre assembled retro fit range (clamp on 76-89mm posts) LED 1800-2025lm


DBS 168  PDF pre assembled solar camera light (clamp on 76-89mm posts) LED 2000-3000lm


DBS 180 PDF pre assembled community range (Slot over 76-89mm posts) LED 1800-2025lm


Large all in one solar walkway lighting system


 DBS vandal resistant solar powered low level bollard lighting system, pre-assembled


DBS1201 lighting kit solar powered 12w light, off until required via sensor (5 minute intervals)


DBS1202 flashing amber light a solar powered security/safety lighting system for many uses


DBS1204 multi-directional light a robust semi commercial solar powered 12w lighting system


DBS 1208 precinct light 360 degree lighting system 30w with gel battery type


DBS 1209 solar powered large area light 24w lighting system in P.b battery type


DBS 1210 solar powered large area light 24w lighting system with lithium battery


DBS 101 bespoke retro fit solar powered area light lighting system in lithium battery type


DBS 801 bespoke vandal resistant retro fit solar powered area light lighting system IK10 resistant

DBS 900 series solar lighting for permanent fixture to 89mm | 114mm lamp post. This system can use 115w  | 150w | 175w solar panels for improved performance. Available in single or twin headed versions. For individual luminary outputs follow this link: DBS901 | DBS902 | DBS903 | DBS904

High performance solar street lighting powered using PV panels that are maintenance free, as such can replace incandescent festoon and sodium bulbs which may need to be replaced during annual maintenance cycles. As maintenance is a constant drain on power and resources. Our all in one solar powered street LED lighting system, offers sensor activated solar lighting. The unit will provide a maintenance free lighting system of equivalent luminescence 1,000-2,000 lumen, and subsequently will reduce light pollution (clear sky’s). Bu using our solar powered street light design will provide a reduction of 0.25 tones of Co2 per installation. In a series of 10 lights the savings will be 2.5 tone of Co2 offset each year. High Performance solar street lighting are Sun powered to deliver power to integral lithium ion battery, these LED walkway, car park and play area systems sensor activated for extra long life efficiency.

This option of solar street lighting system is offered in two sizes.

  • DBS161 is our retro fit solar panel lighting system, for many uses in the UK
  • DBS165 multi-directional solar panel lighting system allowing light and solar panel to be orientated separately
  • DBS167 offers our larger solar panel lighting system and incorporates a larger battery for greater performance
  • DBS168 camera solar lighting system solar panel lighting system and incorporates a high performance video camera PIR driven
  • DBS180 community solar panel lighting system offers replacement battery and controller for extended life duration
  • DBS bollard lightings system driven by solar panel on top of unit to IK10 vandal resistant standards
  • Our DBS range of products are available with our without lamp posts etc
  • Prices are available based upon the size of project
  • We offer all products in the faith that they are intended for self installation
  • The specification is determined to provide solar street lighting based on localized conditions
  • Please advice details if you are unsure
  • We can then provide you with information by return regarding a suitably sized product.


  • containing specification
    • Street Lamp post details DBS lighting system requires 89mm lamp post
    • Email advising which size light you require
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