Solar technical solutions




Dragons Breath solar technical solutions enables our customers a unique way of contacting us in regards to specific questions regarding design and installation.

We provide answers to the questions many people have in regards to the specifics of installations.

The technical solutions page is offered to those customers who want to make sure they have sized up the equipment correctly.

This is part of our service that has been tailored towards some of the following questions:

  • How much power will a solar panel generate
  • What will a solar panel run
  • What size solar panel do I need
  • What is the best solar panel
  • How is a solar panel fixed
  • How long will a solar panel last
  • Do I need more than one solar panel
  • How do I charge my batteries using solar
  • What do I need to charge batteries using solar
  • When I buy a solar panel how easy is it to install
  • How much will a solar panel cost
  • How big is a solar panel
  • Can solar run my cabin
  • Can solar run my shed
  • Can solar run my home
  • Can I use solar on my boat
  • Can I use solar on my van
  • Will solar power my needs
  • What size solar battery do I need
  • What size battery controller
  • What size solar cables do I need
  • Can you help design our system

These are some of the many questions we are asked every day regarding uses and needs surrounding solar energy generation. Many of our customers know enough to work their way through our web site to select equipment matched together.

If you need us to deliver a technical solution to any of those questions above. Then we would be happy to assist as we can then deliver a plan to make sure all parts are matched.

This is a an annual service plan offered specifically to our customers who need our technical assistance. The plan offers you email advise during a 12 calendar month period.

If you require solar technical solutions or specification making sure all solar parts are matched. This service plan is designed for assistance.