Solar technical solutions

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This solar help page has been designed to provide assistance and guidance. Listed lower down on this page, we have tried to include all of the possible questions and answers regarding solar.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, you may require us to provide assistance with your project. We would be happy to assist with any enquiry, just drop us an email. In depth questions regarding specific projects, services or individual parts will take time to evaluate. Therefore depending on the project complexity, a technical assistance ticket may be required.

Although anyone who purchases complete battery storage systems from us, will have our full after sales assistance free of charge. Note! if manufacturers instructions have not been followed, then this is the responsibility of the installer.

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Dragons Breath solar technical solutions enable our customers a unique way of understanding specific questions in respect to any solar installation they take on.

This service is free of charge for customers who have purchased complete equipment sets from us.

For those who have not yet made a purchase, below are many of the questions we are asked every day regarding uses and needs surrounding solar energy generation.

Many of our customers are able to work their way through our web site and select equipment matched together.

Although if you need us to deliver a technical solution to any of those questions above. Then we would be happy to assist as we can then deliver a plan to make sure all solar energy parts are matched. This is a service offered specifically to our customers who need our technical assistance. The plan allows us to offer you product email advise.

If you require solar technical solutions or specification making sure all solar parts are matched. We offer a service that is designed for customer assistance. This is for those who need us to provide answers to the questions, many people have in regards to the specifics of installations. Technical solutions are offered to those customers who want to make sure they have sized up the equipment correctly. This involves a fee, that would be required because of the time involved for us to calculate needs/designs, based upon information received.


As consultants, we need to confirm the correct group of materials are specified for your project. To enable this, we need to ascertain the hours this project would use in consultancy. We are often asked by chartered surveyors and Architects alike to assist them with many requests of this nature. Our background as follows, we have been involved in solar battery storage solutions for over 20 years. Our technical team are time served mechanical/electrical engineers (HND). Our company provide material parts to B2B and B2C outlets, with additional help via consultancy to assist the uninitiated.

Note to inclusions and exclusions.

We will accept any customer requests, but reserve the right to decline or refund a help ticket based upon the information received.

If a project has previously been purchased and installed separately from another company, then we may need to know full details of the specific solar panel installation before we can accept the help ticket, as this may or may not be to the relevant solar code of practice. If we find that the equipment is outside this scope, then we may decline the solar help ticket.

UK wiring regulations must be adhered to, along with any solar code best practice to wiring any AC or DC connections. Therefore any advise given by our company, is provided on the understanding that AC or DC connections are only made by suitably qualified persons with relevant electrical standards knowledge, and should adhere to the most recent UK wiring regulations (BS7671).

Any persons not qualified to relevant UK electrical standards, should seek independent electrical advice from qualified persons. We do not accept any liability, if installations have not been carried out to relevant manufacturers wiring instructions or have not been adhered to according to manufacturers guidelines.