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Currently solar is something we all think about. It is a short phrase that means solar energy. Solar energy can be interpreted in many different ways, the most common meaning understood is an energy source.

Energy is something we all need, without energy we would not be able to continue living our lives. We use energy to power our homes and all of the infrastructure surrounding our lifestyles. This is where the word solar is now so very important, through perseverance and determination, managed to set up this company dragons breath solar to help and establish a link to solar energy and using the facilities available, calculate the amount of solar needed to assist in producing energy for peoples lifestyle choices.

My name is Johnathan Rowles, way back in 1997 dragons breath solar was established, working with some of the now what seem to be, stone age products. Through determination and perseverance, established a following through what was at the time, was thought to be a group of wacky eccentrics. It was not easy, at the time to convince the millions who still had there heads in the sand, but eventually we managed to convince the majority by doing 60 or so events. Moving from low profile county shows up to national events.

We now are happy that the interest of solar has been established in peoples minds. Our goal is to continue helping with knowledge where solar power is needed to provide energy in off-grid situations. These include solar panel kits for battery charging solutions. Solar panels can be measured in specific terms based upon the location they are positioned in relationship to the suns rays energizing the solar cells. We can supply off-grid solar battery parts or complete solar PV systems as needed. All in all we can assist with any project at any location.

Our ability to understand peoples needs has offered us this unique platform, in which we can hopefully relax the mind games surrounding what some are creating. Our 28 years in the solar industry has helped thousands of customers knowing that we only offer A1 component parts. This is an important consideration when using any solar energy part. Think for a moment you are on a desert island, what if your solar charging equipment failed, well it would not be very cleaver at all.

Instead we prefer to provide only the best solar equipment, that way we never receive a bad review. If we are not recommended to others as being a genuine solar specialist, then this would create a negative effect. As time moves on, we understand technology changes, but the fundamental mathematical rules pertaining to solar specifications stay the same.

  1. You can never receive from something more than you put in.
  2. Quality is everything.
  3. Never try to shortcut the process.
  4. Location multiplied by needs.
  5. If the sun is unable to see the solar panel, then it will not charge effectively.

We have put together the answers to solar questions people ask.