Solax Triple power batteries


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Retro fix AC triple power high voltage batteries from Solax. Enable households with existing solar systems to encompass single phase AC battery storage using this triple power battery to be charged via existing inverter.

Solax offer the latest 5.8kWh model that can be installed in series. We provide individual batteries that can be connected to a maximum 23.2kWh of storage.

When additional batteries are linked together the installer should enable a master console to manage the additional loads. This includes the BMS (battery management system), that enables safe transition between storage units.

These systems should be used on a solid base to IP55 protection, each battery has a nominal capacity of 5.8Kwh (5.2kwh useable). Lithium batteries work in cycles, these will provide 6,000 cycles during their life.  The max charging and discharge acceptable is 35A, with an operating voltage of 100-131V. They weigh 72kg and will work within IP55 guidelines. The warranty with this product is 10 years.

  • The Solax X1-AC batteries can be dispatched as master with main consul or with BMS for additional batteries.
Solax 5.8kwh batteries are used in conjunction with the Solax X1 inverter.
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