Solax Triple Power




The all new 5.8kWh home storage triple power batteries from Solax.

HV lithium ion household energy storage packs provide residential properties, with the opportunity
to store excess power generated. Easy to configure and link together to form
multiple storage Ready to use excess energy when needed around your home.

Solax triple power home storage battery solution is compatible with the
following Solax X1 inverter types:

LINK TO: SOLAX HOME battery charging inverters for new and existing solar installations.
Each of the Solax home triple power storage batteries offer 10 years warrantee. C/w 90%
DOD coupled to a 6000 cycle life. This HV performance provides end users with
the option of connecting up to 3 battery packs in series, to provide greater
storage potential.

Retro fit to existing solar panel installations using this kit

New solar panel installations should use this kit