Solax X1 Hybrid inverter

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4kw home storage c/w 6.5kwh lithium battery
4kw battery backup kit c/w 5kwh lithium battery
3.6kw Hybrid inverter c/w 3.5kwh or 5kwh lithium battery
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Solax X1 AC chargerSolax 5.8kwh Triple power HV battery pack (master)£3,202.58
Solax X1 AC chargerSolax X1 hybrid 3kw inverter£1,490.93
Solax X1 AC chargerSolax hybrid 3.7kw inverter£1,505.17
Solax X1 AC chargerSolax hybrid 5kw inverter£1,614.82


We are able to supply the very latest Solax X1 hybrid battery storage
inverter. This system has integrated PV management built in to deliver power to your
home. The Solax X1 ensures that any excess energy generated from solar
panels is directed into lithium ion battery storage for use when required.

This is available in 3kw, 3.7kw and 5kw nominal configuration. The system allows the user to link up solar
panels connected into two MPPT trackers. It is ideal for new and retrofit
installations where excess power storage demands are handled safely.

Below you will find we offer the SOLAX X1 hybrid inverter with or without triple power T54 lithium-ion batteries as a kit.

We also offer the Solax X1 inverter with lithium ion batteries in 5.8kWh sizes. By using two batteries linked together provides 11.6kWh storage. This product comes with a floor mounted or can be fixed to wall.

Solax inverter storage accessories and retro fit kits:

If you are interested the list of components below will allow enable you to put parts together building your own kits. This includes battery and inverter discounted bundle packs