Solis inverters

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Solis have developed a range of small grid tie inverter products that can easily be installed in domestic locations.

Micro inverter single input system from solis
  • 700 DC matched to 3 solar panels
  • 1000 DC ideal to match 4 solar panels (1.2kW)
  • 1500 DC which can handle arrays up to 1.8kW (5-6 panels)
  • 2000 DC up to 2.3kw
  • 2500 DC up to 3kw
  • 3000 DC up to 3.5kw
  • 3600 DC 4kw nominal
700 DC mini Solis inverter265.00
1000 DC mini Solis inverter308.50
1500 DC mini Solis inverter309.23
2000 DC mini Solis inverter358.53
2500 DC mini Solis inverter383.18
3000 DC mini Solis inverter416.58
3600 DC mini Solis inverter449.51

Dual MPPT tracker product c/w built in DC switch

  • 2500 dual with max imput of 3kw
  • 3000 dual will work with PV input up to 3.5kW
  • 4000 dual 4kw nominal PV power 16A max
  • 5000 DC operates with PV arrays up to 5.8kW
2500 DC Dual string Solis solar grid inverter492.65
3000 Dual string Solis solar grid inverter500.63
3600 Dual string Solis solar grid inverter508.96
4000 Dual string Solis solar grid inverter575.30
5000 Dual string Solis solar grid inverter607.56