Sunsynk battery spare parts

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ImageProduct OptionPrice (exc. VAT)Quantity-
Solar PV generation meterPV generation meter£45.00
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Solar panel male and female MC4 extension leadsSunsynk MC4 extension cables (pair)£35.00
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Sunsynk indoor battery storage systemSunsynk 3.68kw hybrid inverter£1,095.00
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Solar 25A Switch dcSunsynk DC isolation switch£45.00
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Switch AC 20aSunsynk AC isolation switch£25.00
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Sunsynk CT coil extension setSunsynk CT coil extension set£285.00
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Solar PV Fuse System - Dragons Breath SolarSunsynk PV fuse set (PV to inverter)£86.00
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2 pole battery disconnection fused switchSunsynk 2 pole isolation switch (battery to inverter)£115.00
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Sunsynk battery to inverter cablesSunsynk 5kwh battery long cable (battery to inverter set)£145.00
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Sunsynk battery interconnection cablesSunsynk 5kwh battery short cable (battery to battery set)£135.00
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Sunsynk 5.32 lithium home batterySunsynk 5.32kwh battery£1,950.00
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Sunsynk 5.12kwh wall mounted batterySunsynk 5.12kwh battery£1,950.00
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This page offers customers the ability to purchase Sunsynk battery spare parts to match range of hybrid inverters.

These parts to include:

  • Sunsynk additional 3.68kw eco inverter (max PV input 7000w)
  • Sunsynk additional 5kwh batteries
  • 5kwh battery short cable (battery to battery set) 60cm length
  • 5kwh battery long cable (battery to inverter set) 150cm length
  • 2 pole isolation switch (battery to inverter)
  • PV fuse set (PV to inverter) 12A – 15A – 20A
  • MC4 extension cables (5m length)
  • Sunsynk CT coil extension set (20m – 30m – 40m – 50m)
  • AC switch 4 pole
  • DC switch 4 pole

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