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  • SunSynk battery pack 5.12kwh (IP65) with the 5.32kwh (IP20)
  • NOTE! Ac 230v and 3 phase mains powered equipment must be connected by suitably qualified electrical engineers.
  • It is advisable to install lithium battery systems in areas with suitable air flow.
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Sunsynk indoor battery storage systemF: 5.32kwh battery storage kit c/w (7,000w capacity PV panel hybrid inverter) + battery inverter cables & switch£2,950.00
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Sunsynk battery with switched fuse and cable setC: (additional 5.12kwh battery) + battery/inverter cable + switch£2,050.00
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Sunsynk home inverter and battery packE: 5.12kwh battery storage kit c/w (7,000w capacity PV panel hybrid inverter) + battery inverter cables & switch£2,850.00
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Sunsynk 5.32 lithium home batteryB: 5.32kwh lithium phosphate battery home storage£1,995.00
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Sunsynk 5.12kwh wall mounted batteryA: 5.12kwh lithium phosphate battery home storage£1,950.00
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Sunsynk battery with switched fuse and cable setD: (additional 5.32kwh battery) + battery/inverter cable + switch£2,095.00
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Dragons Breath solar offer the SunSynk wall or rack mounted 5.12kwh on grid battery storage pack, this is used with the range of SunSynk ecco hybrid inverters. Each inverter can accept 3 x 5.12kwh lithium batteries connected together to improve storage capacity.

Sunsynk offer 3 battery pack variations. These have been designed to match the companies hybrid range of inverters with increased storage capacity. These Sunsynk batteries can be used to store excess solar energy instead of sending it back to grid. The ideal scenario is to adopt a 5.12kwh or 5.32kwh battery pack for each and every home owner, this way the power generated by new or existing solar panel systems, can be utilized to the maximum effect. Meaning that power to the home will never be waisted.

With the Sunsynk battery, it is possible to multiply indefinitely to increase solar storage. They can help to protect future fuel poverty in the event of grid outages, so the every home can use an uninterrupted power supply.

Lithium-ion batteries are designed to match:

Within this Sunsynk battery page drop down price menu, we have Trade pack kits, that allow our customers to purchase equipment knowing that they will receive the parts needed to complete a solar battery storage installation.


We offer this type of heavy duty positive dual fused switch disconnector, that may be required to safely isolate battery pack Lithium battery fused switch isolation


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