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  • SunSynk ecco hybrid inverters 
  • 3.6kw, 5.5kw, 8.8kw and 16kw single phase 230v domestic versions
  • 8kw, 10kw, 12kw, and 50kw, 3 phase commercial options
  • NOTE! Ac 230v and 3 phase mains powered equipment must be connected by suitably qualified electrical engineers.
  • It is advisable to install lithium battery systems in areas with suitable air flow.
  • All products are sent out on pallet delivery services at cost
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SunSynk ecco hybrid solar inverterSunSynk 20kw hybrid commercial 3 phase inverter£2,951.20
Sunsynk rack mounted hybrid inverter/battery systemSunSynk 8kw hybrid RACK MOUNTED inverter only (single phase)£2,351.78
Sunsynk CT coil extension set3.6kw SunSynk Ecco hybrid domestic inverter CT coil extension kit£285.00
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SunSynk ecco hybrid solar inverter3.6kw SunSynk Ecco hybrid domestic inverter (single phase)£1,095.00
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SunSynk ecco hybrid solar inverter8.8kw SunSynk Ecco hybrid domestic inverter (single phase)£1,887.68
SunSynk ecco hybrid solar inverterSunSynk MAX 16kw hybrid domestic inverter (single phase)£3,880.80
Sunsynk indoor battery storage system3.6kw ecco inverter c/w Sunsynk battery 5.32kwh + cables & Switch£2,950.00
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Sunsynk home inverter and battery pack3.6kw ecco inverter c/w Sunsynk battery 5.12kwh + cables & Switch£2,850.00
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Sunsynk 3 phase CHNT meterSunSynk 3 phase meter (only available with inverter purchase)£239.85
SunSynk ecco hybrid solar inverterSunSynk 12kw hybrid commercial 3 phase inverter£2,915.00
SunSynk ecco hybrid solar inverterSunSynk 10kw hybrid commercial 3 phase inverter£2,846.20
SunSynk ecco hybrid solar inverterSunSynk 50kw hybrid commercial 3 phase inverter£6,666.80
50kw Sunsynk inverterSunSynk 60kwh rack mounted battery to suit the 50kw inverter£19,538.40


Dragons Breath solar offer the complete range of domestic and commercial Sunsynk inverters.

These range from single phase domestic string inverters up to 3 phase commercial versions.

Available in standard or ecco Sunsynk 5kw hybrid inverter type to allow battery charging from the solar panels back to battery pack.

Each SunSynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter will save you money as the cost rises to purchase electricity from suppliers will ultimately become greater over the coming years.

  • Sunsynk 3.6kw AC ECCO version offers domestic customers 7kWp across two MPPT inputs (sunsynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter)
  • Simple connected battery system
  • Dual MPPT connectivity
  • Suited to lithium-ion batteries
  • 5-year warranty
  • IP65 rated
  • Anti-islanding protection
  • Fully programmable power export
  • Automatically switches from Grid-Tied to Off-Grid mode with the ability to link to backup generator
  • can be used with 3 units in parallel offering a storage facility of 45kWh
  • Single phase inverter sizes | 3.6kw | 5.5kw | 8.8kw | 16kw
  • Sunsynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter
  • 3 Phase inverter sizes | 8kw | 10kw | 12kw | 50kw
  • Installations over 16A may require G99 approval
  • CT coil length @ 10m
  • The CT cable provided with the inverter can only be extended to 25 meters and a CAT 6 shielded cable should be used. Longer than 25mtrs, then we can offer a meter to increase the range.
  • Batteries for the 50kw Sunsynk inverter @ 60kwh. This comes complete with BMS, cabinet and cables.

NOTE! Only qualified electrical engineers should provide the Installation and final overview system check.

We keep the Sunsynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter as a stock item to assist our customers with products when they need equipment. The Sunsynk 3.6kw hybrid inverter has been introduced into the UK to deliver up to 7kw of power from solar PV panels linked back to domestic households, through two MPPT string inputs that can accept 3000w each. If working off-grid you can use the sunsynk 8kw hybrid inverter eco or rack mounted single phase.



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