Trickle charge battery system

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Dragons Breath solar offer this standard 12v trickle charge battery kit, with our without batteries to include:
Solar panel @ 115w or 160w | Solar panel fixing kit | PV extension cables @ 3m | Controller PWM lite | Battery to controller cables @ 500mm | + Battery if needed to match panel capacity

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Trickle charge battery system will keep your important lifeline charged and ready for when it is required.

This solar powered system kit can be wired up ready to connect to any lead acid or AGM style battery. This kit is a professional product with high quality equipment used to perform the management of battery state of charge. It will stop charging once the battery is up to the optimum level, subsequently will start again when it measures the voltage has dropped below ideal setting. Never worry about your battery state of charge again.

Designed to trickle charge your 12v or 24v battery.

Complete trickle charge battery system is using only the Sun’s energy. solar powered kit with solar panel, quality Victron solar charge control and extension cable kit as standard for this sun powered panel plus fixings required.

Each trickle charge battery system provides energy for your boat, caravan, mobile home, allotment, cabin, shed and stables, battery.

We can offer bespoke battery kits as required, the nature of trickle charging is to make sure your valuable power source never drops to a low level when you are away from the equipment. This way it ensures the long life of your storage battery.

Included in kit 1:

Included in kit 2:

Included in kit 3:

Included in kit 4:

Optional extras for above kits: 

Our trickle charge battery system kits are designed to last for 10 + years.

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