Vertical solar panels

From: £529.00 (Exc. VAT) - £634.80 - Inc. Vat



Vertical solar panels can be used in a wide range of applications.

They fit neatly around posts or columns and in many situations, remove the need to have flat large glass faced solar panels. They are inobtrusive and take up less space than traditional sized solar panels.

We offer two sizes in this style of vertical solar panel, with a peak power of 100W or 140w.
These provide a maximum voltage of 18V / 36V
The physical size of these vertical solar panel with other dimensional outputs:

  • 100w = 220*228*1160mm
  • 140w = 220 *228*1560mm
  • 100w @ 5.55A
  • 140w @ 7.78A
  • Weight 100w @ 15.7kg
  • Weight 100w @ 19.6kg
  • Cells efficiency @ 20.5%
  • Output efficiency between 35~40%
  • Designed to fit around a diameter of 70-155mm
  • The trailing MC4 cable length is @ 0.5m