Victorian solar street light

£995.00 (Exc. VAT) - £1,194.00 - Inc. Vat

Dimensions of the Victorian solar street lighting system:


Dragons Breath solar design and utilize the suns energy to power streets and provide illumination. We use the word Victorian solar streetlight, as it constitutes a strange concept that is looking forwards into the past.  This product brings an old-style streetlight, which provides a solution to locations where discrete solar powered illumination is required. It can only be done if the suns energy is allowed to reach the entire surface of the solar panel. As shading can often compromise the efficiency of the PV generation. This has the solar panel mounted withing the top surface to avoid being seen by the public.

The product hides the fact that it has a solar panel, as such it would be an ideal choice in adopting old and historical sites. Where conservation areas or places of natural beauty are concerned it is a discreet but affecting illumination product, which avails lighting when needed using its hidden effective method for solar power.

We provide for all locations a bespoke service that includes lamp post, solar panels, and luminary suited to the application. This will include electronic control equipment and lithium battery storage solution.


Data sheet

Victorian solar street light data sheet