Victron li-ion battery

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Victron lithium battery, is a smart lithium-ion phosphate battery pack. LiFePO4 being one of the Worlds leading battery types. These consist of 4 cells of 3.2vV in series making the overall voltage being 12.8v LFP The service life of the LFP lithium battery improves slightly when only part charged. Therefore unlike lead acid batteries the LFP can recover to a normal state of charge quickly.

The LiFePO4 Li-ion battery can support extreme weather conditions and temperatures. So they are considered to be the foremost appliance for all round storage needs over and above normal lead acid style batteries which can suffer in conditions in cycle inefficiencies They tend to be more expensive than standard batteries of a similar capacity, but where the LFP li-ion batteries score is with the cycle life which is more efficient overall in cycled performances and it rugged hard working service life providing seemingly endless energy storage.

As a matter of course the incentive is to offer these individual LFP lithium phosphate batteries with an additional cell balancing product connected to the Victron BMS, battery management system. If multiple batteries are to be connected in series or parallel it is not possible to use the cell balancing, but instead use a Victron battery protection module. Ask for details. It is important to use the VE Bus BMS as this will prevent the voltage of cells exceeding over 4.2v, or preventing the cell being used below 2,5V. This will then stop the charging and protect the battery if the temperature rises above 50c.

  • Save weight and physical size compared to traditional batteries
  • IP54 ready
  • Charge between 14v-15v
  • Float voltage 13.6v
  • -20C up to +50C
  • LiFePO4 safe to use li-ion batteries
  • Victron lithium battery is available in the following kW hour sizes
  • 50Ah = 0.64kwh capacity @ 12v
  • 60Ah = 0.65kwh capacity @ 12v
  • 100Ah = 1.28kwh capacity @ 12v
  • 160Ah = 1.8kwh capacity @ 12v
  • 200Ah = 2.56kwh capacity @ 12v
  • 300Ah = 3.84kwh capacity @ 12v
  • 200Ah = 5.12kwh capacity @ 24v

Multiplying the kWh Victron li-ion battery storage can offer a solution.. when using the Victron BMS will provide your home or project with backup power. Make sure you select the battery taking care to read the data enclosed before you purchase one of these high performance Victron lithium battery packs contain the smart (LFP) phosphate media inside


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