Victron MultiPlus Compact 2000VA

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This is the all new Victron MultiPlus Compact 2000VA inverter/charger.

It is an ideal system for many applications.

It allows the power from batteries to be inverted up to 230Vac to power white goods and similar equipment used on national grid connections. The system can also be used when needed to direct power to charge the on board 12v battery system and power 230VAC equipment at the same time. This allows the owner to never be out of backup power.

It is possible to use this multiplus compact inverter on board motor homes or boats and similar situations. The use of solar power can also be adapted to charge the battery system during the day. Then the mains power can be connected after dark to keep the batteries on bard toped up sufficiently.

By using this in conjunction with the new Victron GX touch screen display it is possible to have an instant read out of the state of charge in battery via mains connection or solar charge. This Multiplus compact inverter charger is a truly multi functional product. The limits of what it can offer are almost endless.

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Data Sheet

Data Sheet MultiPlus Compact

MultiPlus 2000VA instruction manual

MultiPlus 2000VA Instruction Manual