Wind Turbines




Using wind turbines power off the grid is ideal for charging 12v/24v/48v lead acid style batteries when the sun is not sufficient. We provide a range of wind turbines that can be used on board vessels or in locations that are far removed from mains power infrastructure.

These can also be used to provide power for signage and telecommunications.

The wind turbines we offer are from top UK manufacturers as such all parts have warranties built into them and all serviceable parts are available should the necessity arise.

The turbines are rugged 3 bladed options in both horizontal axis and vertical to match individual needs and applications.

The wind powered products are available in standard format, advanced and marine grade components that offer excellent return based upon wind speeds.

LE300 wind turbine
LE 300 wind turbine for battery charging off grid

Quite running system that is robust and designed for running in all weather conditions supplying 12 or 24v trickle charge to battery systems. Lightweight design for ease of installation.

  • Strong and reliable design will work in winds up to 27m/s
  • Maximum power is 300w | Rated @ 85w in wind speeds of 8m/s
  • 3 bladed glass reinforced nylon design
  • fixes onto 50mm diameter post
  • Weight 6.5kg
  • Body material | Aluminum coated body
  • 5 year warranty