WTP55 battery box

£325.00 (Exc. VAT) - £390.00 - Inc. Vat


All in one solar street lighting WTP55 battery box system

We offer self contained boxed systems that can offer security and long life year
after year.

The heavy gauge steel fully weatherproofed finish has been tested to
withstand the most severe weather conditions.

The largest box we offer can house 2 x large 110Ah lead acid deep cycle batteries, which can then be connected safely to our BMS battery management system. The solar
panel/s are then fitted firmly in place creating a self contained unit.

The WTP55 system has been designed for top of pole mounting; this offers
security from high water or vandalism.

Within this range we offer our medium sized battery box, that can take 2 x 60Ah Lead acid type deep cycle batteries safely at top of lamp posts.

Followed by our retro fit system that offers a smaller battery capacity size of 2 x 30Ah Lead acid deep cycle batteries safety and security at top of lamp posts.

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