PV Panels 70w

PV Panels 70w


Weight: 7 Kg

Delivery: 2-3 days

70w Off-Grid Panel

Small solar panels offer instant power. SHARP manufactured to suit 12v battery charging, these modules are engineered with the renewable leisure industries in mind. Ideal for remote DIY requirement of holiday homes, SUV, Winnebago, Allotments, sheds, residential caravans, boats, beach huts and many more areas where instant power is required.

70w Off-Grid solar panels power manufactured by SHARP

12v battery charging engineered to be compact for the renewable leisure industry.

Remote requirement for holiday homes SUV Winnebago Allotments sheds residential caravans and many other uses.

70w Solar panels as seen at Eco Build.

This module is made up from 36 cells in a series.

  • Application 12 volts DC
  • 24v when combining more than one panel
  • Dimensions are 787mm x 671mm x 46mm
  • Manufacturer SHARP
  • Weight @ 7.5kg
  • Pmax @ 70w
  • Voc @ 22.4v
  • Isc @ 4.18A
  • Vmpp @ 17.8v
  • Impp @ 3.94A
  • Maximum system voltage @ 600v
  • Over current protection @ 7.5A


Ideal for remote power applications


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