PWM Pro Charge controller

PWM Pro Charge controller

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Invest in quality, the PWM Pro charge controller will provide remote display functions that provide a link to display module for an off grid lighting system.

This solar battery controller is fully programmable through a laptop or BlueSolar remote panel.

It offers a two stage programmable light timing function to enable greater flexibility over battery state of charge.

Protected against reverse polarity connections, make this a leader in the off the grid charge control of solar powered battery systems.

Solar powered BlueSolar controls, battery management equipment for remote locations

Pro controllers: 5A, 10A, 20A & 30A sizes:

PWM Pro component parts:

PWM Pro remote panel: BlueSolar PWM PRO remote display panel

Suited for installations where full battery management control can be adapted to suit requirements. This display can provide full battery status and timed control functions.

PWM PRO temperature sensor: BlueSolar PWM PRO Battery sensor cable

This probe is designed to protect battery temperatures. It links into the management of the Pro controller system.

PWM Pro remote interface cable: BlueSolar PWM PRO interface computer programing cable

When using this cable, it is possible to program the BlueSolar Pro charge controller using laptop or tablet.

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PWM Pro charge control

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