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Educational Science kits

Schools & children up to the age of 12 years can benefit in using our latest hydrogen fuel cell technology kits.

These kits can involve students from any background, in a simple method of understanding how energy is generated.

We off other options such as the wind power kit which is fully functional with many variations of blade pitch/angle, and number of potential blades to understand the many variations wind speeds and directions can play in delivering maximum efficiency.

For those who are interested in PV, this kit is very adapt in using a hands on approach to provide DC power, which can be recorded on an AMP / Volt meter derived from offering the orientation of the solar cell towards the Sun to anticipate the maximum potential energy source, by means of following the sun free energy source.

Finally the Solar hot water kit is designed to show how easy it is to provide in a relatively short time it takes to heat water to ambient temperatures. The potential to power heating circuits can then be full understood by increasing the surface area of this specific radiation energy source.

All of our school renewable energy kits can if supervised correctly provide many valuable lessons in the development of our children’s minds.

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