Sharp Photovoltaic Modules

Sharp solar photovoltaic modules are now available throughout the UK in the following sizes. The price range includes all of the Sharp MCS reference numbers. Which are required to authenticate any solar panel installation.

When you purchase one of these craftsman manufactured solar modules; you have the knowledge of knowing that these British manufactured solar panels have been put together using the latest technology, which has gained Support in our country, buy British manufactured products. Sharp Product Certification requirements for Solar Photovoltaic Modules, include the NDR245A5 and the NDR250A5 Modules which are suitable for solar domestic or commercial installation projects across the UK.


Find Below Sharp VDE Certificate and Sharp Product Guarantee + The Module Installation Manual

Modules which give a maximum solar generator return per watt. The highest combination poly module advised for uk domestic properties, at over 15% efficiency enable Sharp's products receive a guarantee that this product has been 100% tested. Sharp solar products are manufactured to cut down the global footprint.

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