• Battery Storage Systems

    Battery Storage Systems (53)

    The benefits of solar battery storage systems are to provide an easy way of creating power autonomy from delivered renewable power for instant battery charging results.  Our Solar Battery Storage systems are provided in options to match the customer’s requirements, these are designed for electrical engineers or DIY persons to install into remote off the grid locations. We also provide…
  • Cable accessories

    Cable accessories (29)

    We provide a complete range of cable accessories and associated solar cable spares to compliment every part of the solar power transmission connection task. All products are available to correspond with the scope. CONTACT US USING THIS LINK  This incorporates a very wide range of cable accessories solar spares and parts for battery storage connections, these may be needed when…
  • Charge controllers

    Charge controllers (17)

    A wide range of high quality battery solar charge controllers. Used primarily in the off grid solar power market to provide sequential delivery of maximum power from many variations of solar panel as intermediary in-between battery systems to charge and maintain storage capacities. System components such as battery control charge equipment regulators with multi MPPT tracking sensors or PWM configurations…
  • Dragons Breath

    Dragons Breath (6)

    Dragon’s Breath SolarDragon’s Breath has over twenty years’ experience within renewable technologies and are in a position to share the expertise gained with those persons and organisations seeking to provide cost effective and sustainable power generation systems including battery storage for the future.We recognize that the next generation of engineers need to be educated to understand and embrace renewable technologies. Which is why…
  • K2 Solar Fixings

    K2 Solar Fixings (119)

    K2 Solar Fixings supplies for PV panel mounting WEB SHOP Providing Mounting Systems One of the renewable industries leading photovoltaic mountings and associated variations, delivering multiple options using the K2 system, we can offer many solar panel on roof or ground mechanical fixing solutions. K2 Component Parts K2 - Pitched roof parts list  Mounting solar panels onto a roof structure, using our…
  • Solar Car Park Lights

    Solar Car Park Lights (3)

    Car parking lighting solutions for areas that do not have mains power supplies, solar car park lights work autonomously without the need to monitor. Our IP rated exterior solar powered car parking products have been specifically designed to meet with localized weather conditions, providing out door LED illumination at heights of 4m across the UK.  These lighting columns are regulated…
  • Solar Data

    Solar Data (35)

    Manufacturers data sheets and instructions relating to the various products and services within this dragons breath solar web site.&lt;/center&gt;&lt;/p&gt;&lt;/body&gt;</div><div>&lt;/html&gt;Our aim to offer you specifications and prices based on your requirements, please advice details of your needs. We can then provide you the correct information by return...CONTACT US USING THIS LINK  
  • Solar Grid Components

    Solar Grid Components (1)

    Delivering high quality grid connected solar energy equipment spare parts, for the discerning installer.  Solar Grid Components,  Please find our 2015 Solar Grid Component Spare parts price list.............Download our FULL SOLAR GRID SPARE PARTS PRICES using this link: Click here to download - SOLAR SPARES
  • Solar Grid Connected

    Solar Grid Connected (23)

    We like to offer our complete range of PV solar grid connected equipment spare parts for on roof and ground mounted systems. This now involves the use of lithium battery storage where excess power generation is captured within a dedicated storage facility. The use li-ion style batteries provide a long lasting solution to providing power when needed. This section of…
  • Solar Heating Components

    Solar Heating Components (63)

    Solar thermal hot water Pipe work connections. We offer individual parts for roof or ground mounted heating collectors. These are used on stainless steel pipe work with our solar hot water flexible connectors for improved efficiency. We provide a high quality DZR range of tube fittings are for higher temperatures with inserts to overcome greater pressures as required. 2 or…
  • Solar Home Battery Storage

    Solar Home Battery Storage (9)

    DBS offer a comprehensive range of solar home battery storage products and design services for any location. Solar power storage and battery backup solutions in AGM - Lead Acid style batteries, as well as the latest lithium range of deep cycle are matched with components to individual applications around existing or new solar PV installations. Solar Home Battery Storage for…
  • Solar how

    Solar how (1)

    This part of our website is designed to give help and assistance to our customers, in providing  an understanding how solar energy works. We will show you what is required and provide the answers to any technical questions. We offer a service for as little or as much help as our customers require.We can lend a helping hand towards initial…
  • Solar lighting products

    Solar lighting products (46)

    Bring the Sun out at night with solar street lights For years, we have been reliant on electricity to give us light. Now technological advancements have allowed us to harness the suns awesome power, creating a new age for light and power. At Dragons Breath Solar, we provide bespoke solar street lights, tailor made in the UK to light up…
  • Solar panel batteries

    Solar panel batteries (26)

    Solar panel storage batteries What is deep cycle long life performance. This is related to the renewable battery energy storage selected. These products as you would expect when using prestigious products, such as lithium-ion phosphate, li-ion power packs, AGM, OPz and gel styles provide variations in the degree which they offer deep cycle longevity. So the durability of delivering stored…
  • Solar panel servicing

    Solar panel servicing (5)

    We offer a fully tailored service to provide help with your solar panels.We can inspect your existing solar panels and associated equipment parts. Plus other items connected to your system. Our trained staff will analyse faults or errors that have built up between the components. Be that solar PV or solar thermal systems. With PV we have the skills and ability…
  • Solar Panels

    Solar Panels (8)

    Solar home roof panels are developed renewable energy products which provide budget house branded PV generator modules, that are realistically priced with quality in mind. Payback is provided by the tier quality that performs above average.  With the integrity built into every one of these products, we supply high efficiency budget priced solar panels. These can deliver essential energy to…
  • Solar Powered Street Lighting

    Solar Powered Street Lighting (19)

    Dragons Breath provide LED Solar Powered Street Lighting using solar panels and associated matched equipment, which has been designed in the UK.  This equipment has been specifically measured for areas that require dusk until dawn timed or segmented scenarios. Giving the customer an affordable product. Designed in the UK and assembled and dedicated for uses within the rural environment where…
  • Solar Switches

    Solar Switches (1)

    Dragons Breath offer a range of quality Santon solar switches designed around the industry to protect any installation . These are sized to match the capacity of equipment and cables attached. DC switches for isolation of solar panels AC switches for disconnecting mains power safely Solar switches for isolation of battery power Fused switches for safe high powered disconnection Spare…
  • Special offers

    Special offers (12)

    This month's special offers sold as reduced price new and or ex demo items: See terms and conditions, refunds and returns policy. SPECIAL END OF LINE OFFERS 
  • Victron Energy

    Victron Energy (37)

    Victron energy equipment parts are designed for on-grid and off-grid applications where battery storage safety is paramount. We offer distribution when you are considering any of Victron energy solar related products. These include solar panels, cables, fuses and disconnection devices. Deep cycle batteries and associated parts. This includes the range of standard AGM, super cycle and special purpose such as…
  • Wind Powered Energy

    Wind Powered Energy (3)

    Wind power generator products can be used to produce charging of 12v energy into batteries in remote locations using our 90w wind turbine. These are suited to situations where a 24 hours per day, trickle charging may be required to continuously run system components. We offer 6 bladed small wind turbines for trickle charge. We can provide this linked to…