Solar battery charging kits

Solar battery charging kits


Weight: 20 Kg

Delivery: 7-10 Working days

We offer a complete standard solar panel battery charging kits ready to provide low voltage 12v power to charge your battery system. This BMS connected to a nominal 65-70wp panel with mounting fixture. The solar panel delivers 3.5A per hour into the 0.25kWh battery system. This is connected through our top of the range blue solar MPPT charge controller units for maximum multi pin point tracking offering all the power available to go straight towards battery charging. Our design will completely charge sealed battery in a very short time providing you point the solar panel due south.

These 12v kits can provide power for AGM, lead acid, sealed and other similar styles of Pb style batteries.

Contact us for details, as we pride ourselves in offering only the very best equipment to solve battery charging situations away from mains power...

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