Solar battery Kits 70w

Solar battery Kits 70w


Weight: 20 Kg

Delivery: 5 days

Solar lighting power kit designed to provide rapid charging with awning light. This is provided using 70w Sharp solar panel that will deliver 4.25 Amps of energy into our 55Ah AGM 12v battery housed within a pre wired battery box for easy installation. The complete system is managed by our 10A PMW charge regulator. This regulator system has a visual LED display for instant battery state of charge display any time day or night. Victron 180w inverter is included to provide 230VAC to appliances.

Each kit includes an "A" frame to stand the panel onto any flat surface with all cables and connections.

Ideal for mobile homes and touring caravans who may need power for lights, computer, tv or radio uses. 0.75kWh power to run small electrical appliances.

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