Solar Battery Storage

Dragons Breath Solar help customers engage with the many different faucets encompassing grid and off-grid storage.

The company Dragons Breath has now been established for 20 years, born in 1997 to provide services within the renewable energy sector of solar panels. DBS prides itself with knowledge built up during its time within this sector.

Battery storage systems  

We offer services that provide a battery storage solution for many applications that is determined around power needs, this service, or part is selected to match the prerequisite of that home or industrial requirement. This is done by establishing key elements that should enable us to calculate the equipment and power requirement parts.
With any storage device equipment part the quality element is crucial to obtaining the best results. With this in mind we only offer best in class to maximize the life of any such part. 

Systems can be Off-Grid or Home Grid connected. Technically the solution is similar but calculations for off-grid battery storage systems are more complicated. Marrying the correct parts together is most important. As we pride ourselves in delivering equipment which performs to the environmental needs of our customers. 

Home grid storage systems have been developed to provide autonomy and help combat increasing prices for energy use. The modern energy user has the ability to generate electricity and store this for times when needed, usually in the evening when the solar power is no longer available.

This can be a bolt on system, connecting storage batteries to existing solar panels and household grid systems. The size of the storage battery is calculated as a percentage of the solar panels. This provides the house owner with an adequate battery backup and energy storage system.

Grid connect solar storage

Grid connect solar storage

Solar panel grid connected storage and backup facilities delivered to your home. We offer a full range of battery kits specifically designed for...


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Storage Batteries

Storage Batteries

STORAGE BATTERIES Solar batteries are available in many different formats; these are designed to allow the most convenient method of absorbing and...

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