Solar Car Park Lighting

Solar Car Park Lighting

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Weight: 100 Kg

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Dragons Breath can provide car parks with any number of dedicated LED solar lighting solutions. These products are designed to meet with the high specifications required to illuminate remote areas. Popular additions to our range of bespoke solar lighting. The DBS car parking lot lighting range is used during evenings to provide illumination needs that are bright and clear to avoid accidents. We can deliver these without the need for mains electricity. This utilizes the free energy from the Sun, to provide safe walkways to the parking areas.

Our ranges of LED lights are all top of pole mounted kits. Batteries and controls are also at the same height designed to provide full protection avoiding vandalism. Colour temperatures are designed to Kelvin at full height and ground levels. Working within an ISO 9001 structured approach we can offer a full guarantee for all products purchased.


Dragons Breath offers a unique customized car parking light designs to match any prerequisite. Capacity is equal to several times greater than incandescent light bulb. All equipment fixed at the top of pole to increase safety, which is suitable for low lying water tables and areas subjected to flooding. Battery generation power packs are designed to provide at least two extra days of power, should overcast days restrict energy generation.

Columns matched to meet customer requirements.

Solar panels are manufactured using poly-crystalline and mono cells to increase energy production. A high temper glass has a salt mist and anti reflection coating to maximize life encased within an aluminium sealed frame offering strength.

LED car park lights - LED parking area lights - Integrated solar street light

Integrated all in one solar street light for parking areas provide 60,000 hours ++ of trouble free LED life that NEVER require mains electricity.


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