Solar Electricity kits

Solar Electricity Fixing Systems

Panel systems, on roof flat roof or ground mounted solar energy kits for homes or farms.


We can provide kits to suit any requirement size . Each one of our kit packs, provide important quality features. Our stainless steel approach to fixing provides the lifetime guarantee, which we feel is required to meet with the Government feed in tariff, and Green Deal aspirations. The objective for most people is to have a solar product that actually works to its full potential. DB provides top range solar parts. All equivalent products are offered to meet with the stringent rules pertaining to TUV tests. Solar panels consequently have to stay in place during storms and severe weather in the UK. 

K2 products make sure every product meets with the high standards. 

High quality modules, premium ancillary equipment parts are used through our kits.

Our company can provide full traceability in the form as ISO9001, for every product sold, this makes sure we can provides integrity and true identity. All solar kits are assembled to order. We hope these will save you time and money on installation times.

Degree of security, in our opinion is important understanding we match our solar equipment kits to high quality modules through renewable energy industry development.

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