An ever increasing number of customers are ready to make the switch to solar power as more and more of the world turns its attention to renewable energy resources.

Yet, with the constant advancements and array of configurations for different use cases and locations, many customers require further expertise on choosing the right system for them. We have formed this set of pages as part of our requirements gathering in order to help you find the most fitting solution for your project.

Simply fill in the appropriate form, and we will get in contact with details on the optimal setup and components for your use case.

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Victorian style new solar street lighting system

Solar Lighting Assessment

We offer and specialise in our own bespoke Solar Powered Street lights to suit a myriad of different lighting requirements. These can be for new projects or can even be adjusted to work in tandem with your existing lighting setup and posts. Well-suited for locations without mains power supplies.

(Choose this form if you are interested in Solar Powered Lighting Options – these can be for Car Parks, Playgrounds, Walkways etc.. )


12v Solar Panel

Solar Panel Assessment

How many solar panels do you need to suit your energy needs and the weather patterns for your location ? Would this selection be for a pitched or flat roof?  Maybe you would like to have it ground mounted ?

(Choose this form if you need assistance in selecting the correct solar panel configuration.)


DRAGONS BREATH SOLAR deluxe off the grid solar energy power kit 12v

Off Grid Solar Panel Assessment

Looking to go completely off-the-grid ? We have compiled multiple off-grid kits to fit different use cases – these contain everything you need to get set up – Solar Panels, Battery Storage Systems, Inverters etc…

(Choose this form if you want to generate and store electricity independent from the traditional power grid.)


Solar fixing assessment

Solar Fixing Kit Assessment

We provide a number of fixing kits to suit different use cases that include everything that you need to get set up

(Choose this form if you would like help on selecting the right components to affix your panels onto your mounting unit of choice.)