Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

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Weight: 30 Kg

Delivery: 3 weeks

High performance DBS160 and DBS170 permanent LED one piece solar street lighting.


We are pleased to now offer our unique top of 89mm column, permanent solar powered lighting. This discrete one piece fixed position street light in standard and extra format. This is a sun powered design, to deliver lighting to locations where dark areas are a problem. These all in one piece unit requires no outside connections to deliver power to the li-ion battery pack. these are available in standard versions and prestige for longer life spans. The complete system is managed via our on board electronic control system, which offers an operational start and stop time to match the requirements of individual locations. Motion sensor activated make this DBS160 or DBS170 unit self contained and maintenance free. It is controlled to deliver light when needed from dusk. A solar panel produces electrical power when the available sun light at location can shine adequately onto the solar panel surface.


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Solar powered street lights are maintenance free, as such can replace incandescent festoon and sodium bulbs which may need to be replaced during annual maintenance cycles. As maintenance is a constant drain on power and resources. Our all in one solar powered street LED lighting system, offers sensor activated solar lighting. The unit will provide a maintenance free lighting system of equivalent luminescence 1,000-2,000 lumen, and subsequently will reduce light pollution (clear sky's). Bu using our solar powered street light design will provide a reduction of 0.25 tonnes of Co2 per installation. In a series of 10 lights the savings will be 2.5 tonne of Co2 offset each year.

This option solar lighting system is offered in two sizes.

  • DBS160 is our specially sized solar panel lighting system, for many uses in the UK
  • DBS170 offers our larger solar panel lighting system and incorporates a larger battery for greater performance
  • Our DBS range is available with our without posts etc
  • Prices are at the bottom of this page
  • We offer this product in the faith that it is intended for self installation
  • The specification is determined to provide lighting based on localized conditions
  • Please advice details if you are unsure
  • We can then provide you with information by return regarding suitability.
  • Retro fixing solar street lighting system for existing lamp post. See details below


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