Solar trailer

Solar trailer


Weight: 1000 Kg

Delivery: collection only

Solar trailer designed to provide 1kw for mobile power where needed.

This trailer will carry 3 x 300w panels, fixed to a 6" diameter articulated swivel base allowing the days maximum sun energy to be captured at every moment.

Vehicle trailer sun tracking system.

This is then directed into the battery boxes where it is possible to store heavy duty deep cycle solar batteries.

Other compartments can house the controller and inverter This has been designed to offer battery storage in a mobile environment that can be utilized once transferred using equipment from battery storage.

Within the sunken deck boxes it is possible to store up to 10kw of battery storage power, by using all of the boxes it is possible to house the inverted to provide 230VAC.

We have manufactured this trailer to offer remote power that can be moved from location to location.

This product is much cheaper than a ground mounted sun tracking system.

1 ton expertly designed and manufactured solar trailer, used for demo purposes. This is fully galvanised under the painted finish.

Take this to events and displays.

Generate enough energy to promote your company name in lights.


Use energy to support remote applications.

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