Sunny Boy Inverters

Sunny Boy Inverters

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Sunny boy grid tied inverters for connection onto the incoming 230v household connection. This enables a domestic property to be solar powered and receive full benefits of that connection. These inverters are available in the following sizes:

1.5TL | 2500TL | 3.0TL | 3.6TL | 4.0TL | 5.0TL transformerless grid tie inverter.

Providing the link between solar power and 230v connection, made quick and easy installation process with the latest range of SMA sunny boy grid tie domestic inverters. Fast connection to solar panels and AC mains power through G83/2 & G59/3 compatibility. The Sunny boy inverters can be fitted inside or outside of properties to facilitate quick connection times, they provide full MPPT to ensure maximum solar gain. These can be selected to maximise the solar panel configuration.

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Sunny boy inverters

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