Marine Wind Turbines

Marine wind turbines

Quality wind generator products offer a world leading design in design for use on water or land charging battery while away from mains infrastructures, off grid systems.

Products speak for themselves, they offer the years of expertise required to make sure your choice provide years of trouble free running, small-scale boats and yachts or ocean going vessels wind turbines deliver a varying charge, suitable for your battery banks, while away from shore.

Grid connected turbine for those of you who require renewable energy equipment. C/w full manufacturers backup. A complete with all spare parts backup should any of the products need to be maintained in the future. Home-grown quality products manufactured by skilled craftsmen for when you require it most. Make sure you always purchase quality, developed specifically for extreme battery charging situations.

Wind-chargers for-off grid applications are available through our web site links. Include 504, 914, & 1200 units coupled to a suitable battery system, using the correct wind charger mounting equipment.

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