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Dragons Breath Solar was established all the way back in 1997. We specialise in the production of our own bespoke Solar Streetlights, Solar Walkway Lighting and Solar Car Park Lighting Systems. All our in-house products are designed in the UK and built with UK weather conditions in mind to last.

We also offer a wide array of Solar Products to suit your renewable energy needs. These include: K2 solar roof and ground fixing products, Solar panel spare parts for grid connected systems w/ optional battery storage packages. Off grid battery storage systems, spare parts and supplies. These can be used where normal power connections are not available. Solar thermal hot water spare parts. Solar cables and switches, batteries, charge controllers and accessories.




Solar powered battery storage solutions


Dragon’s Breath Solar believe in always offering genuine products. Dragon’s Breath Solar offer battery storage power using the Sun’s energy to light up your nights. We never compromise on quality.

Our solution provides an effective program without damaging the environment. Established over two decades ago and specializing in products above and beyond in performance. DBS has the ability to design projects using bespoke on roof materials such as sharp solar panels coupled with lithium Ion or PB batteries. By using quality electronic controls, we are able to supply equipment matched to your storage specifications. Our fixings are MCS certified and can be tailored to individual household or ground mounting requirements. Providing solar battery storage design for instant power needs. We can facilitate remote power applications harvesting solar gain during the day and distributing it at night for almost any situation. UPS systems, household power storage. LED’s and lighting for car parks or remote un-adopted areas, illumination for signs or bill boards, solar street lights that are PV powered, in streets anything is possible using natural energy that can be generated during the daylight hours to perform many tasks when darkness falls. Our team aims to offer the best available products to match your needs dependent on the use of the stored energy requirements. We can provide by use of controls, set to run times or use of high performance storage to provide greater autonomy. Please feel free to contact us with your specific inquiry, where we will endeavor to respond within 24 hours.

Basic grid connection and battery storage solar panel kits. Build your own grid connect solar panel home kit using this link. This link will take you to our on line portal page, that will enable you to build your own home solar PV grid connection system to match any requirement. With or without battery storage.

Our solar panel fixing product products are sold on a sliding scale, in which the greater amount ordered the lower individual prices will be calculated. If you require a greater quantity of parts or maybe you require us to design your project needs, then feel free to contact us. The AC/DC power inverter can be configured to match solar panels delivering maximum potential gain using the latest in technological advances.  

Dragons Breath products supply overview. Solar Street lights for car parks, walkway, play areas and park lighting, Victron energy spares and parts including many variations in off-grid systems. Retrofit PV power with battery storage for homes. K2 solar panel individual roof fixings through to ground and roof mounted complete kits. These and other and renewable heating products and spare parts are available for dispatch using this on line eCommerce web site. Dragons Breath Solar, Victron energy spares, Car Park Lighting, Solar battery storage, Solar Street Lights, Solar Heating Spares, off-grid solar, Solar Mountings, K2 Solar Fixings. 

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Our company supply goods and material parts for solar panel installations, we do not accept any liability for the structural condition of any roof; flat or pitched in any part or form. Therefore it is the installers responsibility to check the structural condition when attaching a solar panel fixing product. 

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