Dragons Breath off-grid solar battery equipment suppliers

We are a team of UK time served mechanical/electrical engineers, specialize in all aspects of solar PV storage within the renewable energy sector.

Dragons Breath Solar was established in 1997, with the aim to deliver top quality solar energy parts or complete home battery kits, for our UK customer base to assist with any self installation or DIY project.


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Sloped roof solar panel fixing kit
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Current DBS Promotions (While Stocks Last)

  1. Home Solar Panels Solutions (with or without battery, kits sized on number of bedrooms)
  2. Convert your existing solar panel system into battery storage (kits include hybrid inverter + lithium home battery pack + DC switch, fuses and cables)
  3. Charge a storage battery using low tariff electricity (This kit enables the owner to store overnight low tariff electricity in battery storage)
  4. Complete 4kw solar home storage solutions (Design your own system using top manufacturers equipment)
  5. OFF-GRID KITS (low voltage battery charging or complete 230Voc  off-grid power systems)
  6. Solar Battery (list of home storage batteries)
  7. 4kw Growatt home battery storage system (all parts needed for home battery storage)
  8. Solar Clearance Home Battery Storage Kits (home Inverter and battery system options)

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Developed in-house specifically for the UK climate.






Dragons Breath Solar

Our company dragonsbreathsolar supply goods and material parts for many solar panel installations and projects. We do not accept any liability for the structural condition of any roof, flat or pitched, in any part or form. Therefore, it is the installer’s responsibility to check the structural condition when attaching a solar panel fixing product.

While stocks last, we are offering roof brackets, solar fixing kits, hybrid inverters and batteries at a 20% discount.

Off Grid Systems | K2 Fixings | Solar Street Lights – Victron Energy Spares – Car Park Lighting – Solar energy battery storage – Off the grid systems – Solar panel fixings – Solar thermal spares – Home solar storage packs.

We accept the following payment options: Bank transfer – Credit cards.

About the Dragons Breath Solar online shop.

We, as a company, provide a wide range of high-quality solar energy systems, kits, and spare parts that allow our customers to utilize the tools to install new equipment, overhaul, repair, or upgrade existing solar PV systems.

Our company was established back in 1997. We specialize in the production of our own UK produced  bespoke vandal resistant Solar Streetlights, Solar Walkway Lighting, and Solar Car Park Lighting Systems. All our in-house solar powered street lights are designed and assembled in the UK. These are hand built in a bespoke manor with UK weather conditions in mind.

Dragons Breath Solar offers products to suit many renewable energy needs. These include: K2 solar roof and ground fixing products, Solar panel spare parts for grid-connected systems with optional battery storage packages. Off-grid battery storage systems, spare parts, and supplies. These DIY off-grid solar power systems can be used where normal power connections are not available. Solar hot water system kits UK, Solar thermal hot water spare parts. Solar cables and switches, batteries, charge controllers, and accessories.

Our aim is to supply equipment that helps our customers’ needs and thus provides the tools to tackle rising electricity costs and assist in combating increased Co2 levels in the environment. We are finding that renewables and energy generation saving measures are helping to help reduce household energy charges.

We are often asked about rules and regulations pertaining to the installation limits a domestic customer can install. When looking at solar panel sizes, you will find that under the current G83 government guidelines this this link outlines the scope.

Contact us to ask any questions you may have about any project you wish to undertake.