About Us at Dragons Breath Solar 

We have been established for over 20 years, during this time we have provided our customers products and services involved with the generation/production of power supplies for off-grid remote applications. 

The future is looking bright as Dragons Breath can now provide solar lighting products, street lights. road signs, factory signs and bespoke home signs. All commodities associated with solar PV systems, such as battery storage management systems and components that will provide storage for own use during the hours of darkness, making the solar panels viable 24 hours per day. Our equipment is compatible with almost any other grid inverters making it a must to store future harvested electricity needs. Our off grid power kits have induction components parts designed to provide many remote locations with a stable amount of stored energy. Battery backup in 12, 24 and 48v high class energy cells that can provide environmentally acceptable solutions to instant power needs.  We specialize in standalone technologies, where normal power supplies are non-existent or very irregular.

Our aim to offer you specifications and prices based on your requirements, please advice details of your needs. We can then advise you on the optimal solution given your specific use case. For more details, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


Solar powered community signs, renewably generated energy signs for industrial estates and lighting solutions. Used for villages and areas where green power is needed.

Press photo for Goodwick Solar Powered Street Light - Dragons Breath Solar

A message from company founder, Johnathan Rowles

[This] Company has now been in business continuously for a very long time. In all 26 years (as of March, 2024).

Back in the early 2000’s my wife and I literally just decided to try and influence the masses.

This was obviously long before it became instrumental to many of our future ideologies.


Originally we started the business in Buckinghamshire circa 1997, before uprooting and moving to Pembrokeshire in 2003.

Our 1st event at the Pembrokeshire Showground in the early 2000’s.

At that time, my wife and I were trying to help potentially like-minded people with solar systems.

This was well before feed in tariffs or any other incentives, to make people aware. Since then, we have promoted solar in over 15 countries with over 60 events, talking to 1,000s of people about the merits and benefits of non fossil fuel energy sources.


Around 2012, we looked at another sideways idea, Solar powered lighting.

Since then, we have developed our very own DBS805 solar powered lighting system that has been adopted by many very influential organisations up and down the UK mainland.

We supply our own designed and produced product which work effectively in any environment. 

Our product can in fact reduce the element Co2, compared to traditional electrically powered lighting systems.

We provide illumination for car parks and walkways, play areas, plus areas which are a little bit off the beaten track.

Where rodent intolerant mains powered cables cemented into the ground may have been eaten. Can then create a very large expense both mechanically and time wise to replace.


Our equipment parts can take care of this by either offering replacement columns or retro fitting our system positioned at top of column/post to prevent any future tampering with equipment.


Another aspect that is going to become more prevalent in the future, are rising water levels.

Where our product works solely from the sun’s irradiance, makes it a possible reliable illumination source when these events take place.

All equipment parts are housed at top of columns.

All in all, my wife and I are very proud of what we have brought into Wales.